Aperio Intelligence publishes information about RISS

1 December 2022

An independent British consultancy Aperio Intelligence publishes information about the official launch of the Regional Institute for Security Studies (RISS):

"The Regional Institute for Security Studies (RISS) has launched in Tbilisi, Georgia in an event co-hosted by the British Embassy. The think tank operates “in close partnership with the UK’s Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI)” and its launch marks the first instance of a RUSI-affiliated institute being established in the Black Sea region.

RISS founder Natia Seskuria spoke to the FCD in October about security risks relating to the mass Russian exodus to Georgia following Vladimir Putin’s mobilisation of conscripts to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On the occasion of the RISS launch, which took place on 16 November, Seskuria told the FCD that the think tank’s establishment comes as the region has turned into a “battleground of geopolitical confrontation”.

She added that RISS’ mission is to “tackle some of the most important defence and security issues, provide innovative policy solutions and strategic insights as well as foster academic debates”. The launch featured discussions on Georgia’s role in a new Black Sea security order and a “whole-of-society approach” to cybersecurity. Speakers included RUSI International Security Studies Director Dr. Neil Melvin, RUSI Chairman Sir David Lidington, the US Embassy’s defence attaché, Colonel Joseph Bilbo and Georgian state security officials."

Source: https://www.aperio-fcd.com/story/10703?fbclid=IwAR0zK2iwjosalNR9MPp6hXdwI2Gr7EnZwX6fe7DdaJQxx3gwfkRwTxkVGYc 

22 December 2022

Cyber-Awareness Community Engagement Workshop

16 November 2022

Official Launch Event of RISS