Our Mission and Values

Regional Institute for Security Studies (RISS) is an independent, non-partisan research Institute with a focus on defence, security and intelligence studies. RISS operates in partnership with the world’s oldest and one of the leading think tanks, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). This is the first occasion of RUSI establishing its associated think tank in the region. 


Our Work

We provide independent research and analysis on a wide range of regional and global challenges with a special focus on the wider Black Sea region and its importance for international actors. Our work is fuelled by the best professionals with strong academic and practical experience, offering original take and solutions on countering existing and emerging challenges. We aim to keep a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach to our research that enables our team to voice multiple, innovative perspectives with the highest level of precision and objectivity.

The main activities of our Institute include in-depth academic research and publications, regular discussions on the most critical defence and security matters, thought leadership, policy advice, advocacy and awareness raising, training and education. 

RISS provides strategic insights and helps policymakers to make informed decisions and come up with forward-thinking  policy solutions and improve governance.

We see our role in attracting regional and international leaders, opinion makers and academics for strategic and political discussions. Our goal is to set up a leading platform for international and regional cooperation, contributing to strengthening security, democracy and the rule of law.  


Our Values 

Independence is our founding principle and core value that ensures the high quality of our work.  We believe it to be a benchmark of trust in our outputs. RISS prides itself to be associated with RUSI - one of the world’s leading institutes that has sustained its political independence for 191 years. 

RISS is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. We aim to offer diverse opinions and perspectives and make sure our research findings are available to the wider audience. Our Institute is determined to provide opportunities to underrepresented voices and to encourage youth engagement through various initiatives and fellowship programmes. 

We are major supporters of Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration and strive to contribute to strengthening democratic values and principles, supporting good governance by working with partner nations and organisations.


Partnership with RUSI

RUSI is a unique institution, founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington, it embodies nearly two centuries of forward thinking, free discussion, and careful reflection on defence and security matters. RUSI has a global reach and has amassed over the years an outstanding reputation for quality and objectivity. In 2020, RUSI was named “Think Tank of the Year” by Prospect magazine. 

RUSI is a founding partner of RISS. The Institutes will provide joint research and publications, organise joint events and implement projects in Georgia and wider region.


22 December 2022

Cyber-Awareness Community Engagement Workshop

1 December 2022

Aperio Intelligence publishes information about RISS

16 November 2022

Official Launch Event of RISS